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This is not a food blog, despite how it looks like. There's nothing else worth taking photos of other than food!

Today was a very busy day at work! PE bootcamp is on going and it's sort of eating up (more than) half of my day. And because I'll be out for vacation on Friday, so many things need to be rushed!

I look forward to our snacks though. Today, Ralph treated us to Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts! So good!!!

After the bootcamp, we went out to North Park along Makati Avenue for dinner! It was raining but I found the long walk under the rain refreshing.

I was so hungry that I wasn't able to take photos of the food! Instead, I have a "candid" photo of my teammates.

We're always eating lately. Haha.

I got home at around 12 midnight already and I had to continue working until I finished some of my reports! It's 5AM now and it's time for me to sleep. At least, I put my insomnia to good use.

That's all for today. Last day of work for the week tomorrow, and I'm off to Bukidnon with Bisdak friends!!! Soooo excited!

Good night!


I was late for work today. Insomnia struck last night so I fell asleep at 6 in the morning already. I woke up 1:30ish, and got to the office at 2:30. Attended a training which I didn't really understand much (sorry Jolo!) until 5pm.

Work happened. And then, dinner with FR peeps at my favorite grilled chicken place - Mang Inasal. I loooovveeeee their chicken oil. Sue me.

Work happened again, and at 9:30pm, we were off to our first quiz night (as FR) at 121 Allegro!

It was a loooot of fun, as usual. I thought we were doing well though, apparently, we were 2nd to the last spot, and the last from the teams who were present since first round. Sooo...we got free shots!

We were team Pistachio by the way, because it took a long time for us to decide on the team name, and we were eating Pistachio ice cream. Haha!

I hope we do this more often! And really win first place next time! Haha. It's a far off dream but that's really one of the items on my bucket list. More practice and more studying of nonsense things for me!

That's it, It was a great Tuesday! :)


It's a miracle I was able to go to work the next day, despite being pissed drunk the day before.

I had a whole afternoon training that I couldn't miss so I dragged myself to work. My team has this activity called Fashion Friday, and although I'm the least fashionable person in the world, I had to participate to avoid being called a party pooper. This Friday, it was Denim Friday.

We had free snacks care of our boss, since we just officially finished a stressful fiscal year end. So the rest of the day was relaxed and I could only think of the weekend.

For dinner, I brought the team to Ziggurat - a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean/African/Indian restaurant tucked at one of the small alleys in Makati Avenue.

We wanted to order exotic food like rabbit and ostrich but they've run out - so we ended up with the usual kebabs and curries.

Sorry, the food does not look appealing in pictures. Haha. So instead, here's a picture of us...and me sweating after I stupidly poured too much hot sauce on my kebab.

After dinner, I went back to the office to pack my things, and join TCO friends to celebrate Ron's birthday!

We ended up at Filling Station in P. Burgos - that charming retro bar in the middle of the red light district. Haha.

Birthday boy Ron and his cakes

Red wine!

After 2 bottles of wine, we called it a night, greeted Ron happy birthday again, and he dropped us home.

I got tired of drinking for 3 nights in a row. I didn't plan for any of these to happen. I'm not used to drinking anymore. LOL.


Sorry for the late post - I need to catch up on the major things that happened last week and over the weekend.

Thursday (July 18) was very memorable. Dang was here for the week from Newcastle (she's on extended business trip). To celebrate her coming home, we went to dinner and had some..ok, A LOT of drinks after work.

For dinner, we went to Omakase at Ayala Triangle. I am biased because I love Nihonbashitei so I'm not gonna say that food was extremely good. Plus, it's on the expensive side. Still, dinner was fun, especially because we were able to catch up and talk.

AP MEA + Jolo

Shoyu Ramen

Momoiro Udon

Omakase rolls

After dinner, we went back to the office to finish our shifts - and the fun starts here!

First stop: Agave Cantina at the Fort, for unlimited Margarita

Ron was celebrating his birthday at the same place so TCO friends were there too! I missed my old friends!

Agave closes early, so at around 1:30, we went to our next stop: Distillery in Jupiter St.. Makati!

There weren't a lot of people because it was a work night so it felt like we rented the place to ourselves. I'm not posting anymore pictures (you can look for them over at Instagram) - but suffice to say, we drank too much, which resulted to almost extremely wild behavior, excessive puking and people passing out.

I haven't been that drunk in the longest time.

Till the next party Dang and the rest of the D'Bar crew!

2NE1 X Jung Sungha - Lonely & I Love You

I Love You

These were posted a while back on 2NE1's YT channel, but I didn't get to watch it until tonight! Man, 2NE1 sounds so good live! Even Dara sounds so angelic - and although she's my favorite member, I do admit she's the weakest when it comes to vocals. But - she stands out for me in both of these videos - her falsetto are so clean! Most improved, definitely.

And of course, guitar YT legend, Sungha - I can only wish I started playing the guitar when I was little. I swear, parents should make their kids learn to play instruments early on in their childhood! The way he makes the guitar sing (especially towards the last part of I Love You) is just....I'm out of words.

I gotta have these versions on my phone so that I can put them on repeat until my ears bleed. Haha.

4Minute - Making Love

I'm not a big 4Minute fan, but this is my favorite from their songs. I first heard this from Romantic & Idol so every time I hear this, I am reminded of Nam Jihyun and her lovely smile. XD


It's my mom's birthday today, so before anything, I would like to greet her a happy birthday and wish her good health and happiness!

I had a great time with my team after work today. It's the first time that I got to talk to them over drinks and somehow got to know them more. They are definitely an interesting bunch of people!

We had drinks after work at 121 Adamson (Leviste) and talked about all sorts of things for four hours!

I hope we do this more often. They say that you don't really get to know the person unless you've seen them drunk. And I will get them all drunk someday! Haha.

Japanese buffet at SumoSam!

We had our first BRS/PE team dinner at SumoSam today. At 499, you get access to the buffet table, unlimited tempura, sushi and ramen, and unlimited desserts. Not bad!

I was so full! My favorite would be the miso ramen, and the food I liked the least was the tempura - too much breading, plus it was too oily and not crunchy! I also enjoyed the chocolate ice cream, matched with brownies. There's always space for ice cream!

And of course, what makes a good dinner is good company and good conversations.

I hope we have team dinners more often! Haha.

I'm always at a loss for words.

It's one of those nights when a lot of different feelings are pent up inside. Normally, I'd find somebody to talk to - but it's also one of those nights when there's no one to talk to. It's one of those nights when I want to talk to someone, but I don't know what to talk about. And, it's also one of those nights when I don't feel like talking to anyone about anything.

Can the morning come any faster?

Movie: Pacific Rim (2013)

When I saw the trailer for this movie, I wasn't really thinking of watching it. I thought it was going to be a Transformers-wannabe movie. After seeing a lot of good comments from friends on FB and Twitter about the movie, I decided to give it a try. It did not disappoint!

The plot of the movie reminds me of the mecha anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion - how the Earth is attacked by large alien monsters, and our future lies in the hands of big ass robots piloted by human beings, and how their brains had to be in sync with that of the robot to control them. The difference I guess is that in the movie, the robots are piloted by two human beings, instead of just one. So, story-wise, the concept for me wasn't as original because I saw Neon Genesis Evangelion a long time ago.

However, the fight scenes did not disappoint! I was at the edge of my seat. The fight scenes between Kaiju (alien monsters) and the Jaegers (robots) were visually stunning. I wish there were more types of Jaegers (I liked the three-handed Crimson Typhoon compared to Gypsy Danger), battling more types of Kaiju - but I guess they could only fit so much fight scenes in one movie. There was also a point when I wished Ultraman would come and join the Jaegers....but that's just me and my weirdness.

Overall, I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5, just because of the fight scenes. Not bad at all, considering I didn't want to watch it in the first place.

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My Top 5 Free Windows Phone Apps - July 2013
I own a Windows Phone because I got tired of both iOS and Android. And I hated Blackberry.People who know me know that I am addicted to gadgets and smartphones.  Windows Phone is unique because of its live tiles and the uber cool Metro UI. It brings something new to the plate, unlike iOS and Android who seem to just copy and sue each other lately. Unfortunately though, in terms of apps, both iOS and Android are far up there. Windows Phone would rank 3rd, and Blackberry at the bottom (I'm sorry but that's true).

But, worry not - for those of you who own a Windows Phone like me, here are 5 noteworthy apps that I believe would make you love your Windows Phone more. Best thing is - they're all FREE!

1. #2InstaWithMassiveLove

We have been waiting forever for Instagram to come to Windows Phone. Several dates have been set, but they all ended up as rumours. However, fret no more - a third party application that allows you to actually UPLOAD photos on Instagram is here! And yes, I was the happiest person on earth when I successfully uploaded my first Instagram photo from my Windows Phone.

2. Rowi [Lite]

For me, this is the best Twitter client on Windows Phone. Metro UI, and a bunch of other options you want, all in one app. I don't really need to say anymore. Give it a spin - there's a free version that's ad supported, but not intrusive.

3. 4th & Mayor

For those of you who love Foursquare, but find it too slow or buggy - here's a much better app for you. It's not a replacement to Foursquare as it works on the Foursquare platform (if that's how you call it) - but it's a simpler and lighter app for your phone! Do you always check in to certain places? Pin them to start for easier access!

4. GetThemAll

For me, this is the best download manager for Windows Phone. I like that I can cache my favorite YouTube videos for quick viewing anytime, without internet. I almost have all 2NE1 videos on my phone because of this app. Haha! There could be piracy issues brought about by using this app, but Iike everything, that depends on your intent.

5. RapDialer

If there's one bad thing about Windows Phone, it's that it's not as easy to dial your contacts compared to other phones. This app lets you type your friend's name or number directly and it shows you search results real time. If you don't have this yet, get it - it's free and it'll make calling or even texting people much easier!

There are a lot of other apps, so explore your Marketplace. Try out apps before you buy them! If you have some app recommendations, feel free to let me know via the comments box. :)

Home at 3:30...AM...from work!

Yes, I did some overtime at work today. The last time I went overtime was over 6 months ago! Haha. I kinda miss the feeling of struggling and resolving an issue, despite staying late in the office. I'm not wishing for more of it, I just did that for so long in my previous work that it felt familiar to be doing it again.

I don't like how I'm relaxing too much on some days, and work comes to my plate all at the same time on other days. I wish they were more evenly distributed. Today was one of those tough days. I'm just glad it's done.

And because I'm drained, I'm going straight to sleep. Good night world!

My 28th!

Hi guys! I had a great birthday weekend. My birthday was on July 7 (Sunday) but the celebrations started as early as July 5 (Friday).

Read more...Collapse )

It's too early to say that my birthday celebration is over. It's still Monday after all. Haha. I don't have as much money as last year to treat friends out but I enjoyed my birthday even more this year. I guess that's because I really felt the love and care that my old and new friends have shown me. CHEESY but true. I am nothing but thankful for another year, another chance to make good memories and experiences! I am hopeful that my 28th year will be even better than the last!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around with me this far! :)

PS. Thanks to friends for the photos!

2NE1 - Falling In Love

I have been waiting for 2NE1's comeback for forever! And this did not disappoint. The long wait was all worth it! I like the new style - they've all matured, not just physically but also musically, if you get what I mean. They've all grown into fine women, still edgy, but at the top of their game! I'm not gonna wonder if they rule the charts this week! I'm looking forward to the next singles to be released each month until October!

For now, let's put this track on replay! XD

Goodbye AnimeCrazy! :(
Goodbye AnimeCrazy!

Today is a sad day for all anime lovers outside Japan. It's hard to get access to anime episodes, both old and new. AnimeCrazy has been there for many a years to feed our hunger for great anime. It's sad that they have closed down. I am literally in tears while typing this entry right now. Apparently nothing lasts forever, especially the good stuff. I will forever miss this site! I saw a lot of anime here, and I was able to catch up on old anime that I've missed from my younger years.

My heart is aching, but it's hoping too that someday, somehow, this site will come back, in one way or another.

P.S. I feel the same for I'm just so sad right now.

The Fray - Never Say Never

Because sometimes, sad songs are what keep me awake when working. Hehe.
Lyrics after the cut >>Collapse )

Yuko Yamaguchi - believe

I remember stumbling upon this song on mIRC, back when I downloaded any Japanese song I could find on the internet. When I heard it, I just felt so sad. I didn't understand Japanese as well back then - but the melody of this song made me want to sulk and listen to it over and over again.

Today, I was walking home when I suddenly remembered the melody, but could not recall the title of the song. First thing I did when I got home was to go to YouTube and searched for it. I'm glad I found it!
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I miss my Japanese songs.

Married people problems

My significantly older cousin (old enough to be my uncle) treated me and my parents out to dinner today. Apparently, he's been having troubles with his wife and they are on the verge of breaking up for good! My learnings are as follows:

1. Once you get married, there is no turning back. At least that's how Filipino culture works,
2. You'll get a gist of how your wife will turn out to be, before she becomes your wife. So, if there's one little thing that's bothering you, you better settle that before you tie the knot.
3. When the man loses the feeling, there is no more hope. When the woman loses the feeling, at least the man can woo her back.
4. We seriously need divorce in our lives. There should be a reason why we're the only country left that has not legalized this yet. Divorce could be the best answer to a problem that could affect the life of both husband and wife, as well as the kids. Seriously, if it's no longer working and you've done all that you can to save the marriage, you're better off going your separate ways. You only got one life, you can't spend it suffering against your will.
5. Love is truly hard to find. Even people who have been married for 20 years are not entirely sure that they are with "the one". Sometimes you spend your life settling down for the person who doesn't exceed the limits of your patience. Settle is the operative word.
6. People change. Love may not always change as quickly. Loving a person for what they are now is key. The person you knew before doesn't matter.

To summarize, if you are in a hurry to find the love of your life, HURRY NOT. You might just end up disappointed. These kind of things take time. Yes, you might not know until you've taken the risk...but that's what it is in the end..a risk that you have to take. Just make sure your chances are pretty good. As long as we don't have divorce yet, marriage is "touch-move". Take your time if you can, and look for that person who really fits you the way your own left hand fits your right hand. Idealistic maybe, but I'd rather save myself from the drama of ending up with the wrong person.

Panda Cheese

Because this is probably the cutest advertisement ever. Haha! I wonder how Panda Cheese tastes like now. LSS-ing on the music too.


My nose clogs up when I lie down. And it's runny when I stand up. I skipped work today to rest. I woke up feverish, my body ached from 2 straight days of kickboxing, and my head buzzed. I went back to sleep after lunch, and woke up at around 4 PM. I felt a little better so I took my parents to Greenbelt/Glorietta for sight-seeing.

We got back to the house at around 6:00 because of the traffic and I feel sick once again. So here I am, typing on my bed because there's nothing else I feel like doing.

I can't wait for the weekend!



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