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Are you in a relationship?
So, I checked out my Google+ profile after forever (because nobody really uses it) and guess what pops up on my screen?

Google+: Are You In A Relationship?

Thank you, Google + for pushing that in.

I'm single, and believe me, it's not really by choice. Things just sometimes don't work out the way you want them to. Last time I liked someone, I thought I'd finally have the guts to go all out. But I don't believe in going all out, when the other person doesn't want it. I don't like to force myself on someone. The same reason why I don't believe in courtship. I want the girl to like me for who I am, not just when I'm at my best.

I don't like people pressuring me. I'm not going to go into a relationship just because people want me to. I'm sure friends and family are just concerned. I sometimes get concerned. I'm 28, still single, not totally OK with that but I am fine.

Don't worry Google +, I'd be more than glad to let the world know when I have finally found my special someone. Who knows, the next time I visit you (if you're still around), I'd already be updating my relationship status. XD


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