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Taking the leap!

Last weekend was a weekend of many firsts for me. For this post, I'll talk specifically about the drop I made from 120 feet above ground. For someone like me who is scared of heights, it is no easy feat. I had to fight against the nervousness and the worry that the ropes could snap and I could fall straight to the ground to my death. But I had to do it. I skipped bungy jumping in New Zealand because it was expensive. I had no reason to skip it now - it was now or never.

As the ropes pulled me up to the tip of the "tower", 120 feet up - I had to accept that falling was inevitable. And then all fear went away. The worst that could happen is death. It was not heights that I was scared of. It was of falling, and dying. The few seconds that I was hanging on top, I thought, if I die, I die. Then all fear went away. I pulled the release, dropped towards the earth at the speed of light (at least it felt like it), and actually enjoyed it!

I'm glad I took that leap. The Jek before that drop, and the Jek after is somehow different. I am a changed man! Haha. When confronted with a situation that I'd normally run away from, I will no longer run away. I will face it head on, just as I did during the drop. I have learned to take things as they are, especially when I can't change them. What I can change though is my attitude, my perception.

That was the first leap. There will be more leaps to be taken in the future - and I think I'm ready when they come.

P.S. Watch in HD if you can! This was in Dahilayan Adventure Park, in Bukidnon. If you are in the Bukidnon/Cagayan de Oro area - make sure to visit this place!


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