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I need an outlet for when I have no one to talk to, and I don't want to flood my friends' Twitter timelines. I love Tumblr but I hate that their mobile app is not very flexible in terms of laying out a post (I like to insert photos here and there, but not have it in a photoset, if you get what I mean).

Anyway, since nobody uses LJ that much anymore (I only have omonatheydidnt on my friends' feed), I decided to post about my KPOP fanaticism here, so my friends won't judge me too much. Haha. I've just started updating myself with KPOP again recently (thanks to Black Pink), and so I'm going to post about my catching up with KPOP and some comments on the artists/songs that I like or don't like (that much). Please don't hate me though if you disagree with my opinion, I respect yours so let's keep it friendly.

So, for now, let me leave you with this live performance of Black Pink on Inkigayo (9/4).

I'm not sure if LJ will embed it or just leave it as a link. Anyway, I'll figure it out in future posts.


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