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Hi everyone! I'm Jek. I am Filipino (from the Philippines), Cebuano (from Cebu) in particular. I am currently living in Makati, earning dough as a corporate slave. When I'm not working, I read books, travel to new places, take photos, eat and drink with friends, and lurk on social networks. I am a big fan of Japan and Korea pop culture, and I dream of living in Japan in the future.

Welcome to my piece of the internet, and I hope you enjoy looking around! Please feel free to leave your comments or add me up as a friend! :)


I love Domino's Pizza. And thank you Lord for Two for Tuesday, you get 2 boxes for the prize of one.

So this was my dinner today. But I only managed to finish one 10-inch box. I'll reserve the other one for tomorrow, unless my brother eats it later.



I need an outlet for when I have no one to talk to, and I don't want to flood my friends' Twitter timelines. I love Tumblr but I hate that their mobile app is not very flexible in terms of laying out a post (I like to insert photos here and there, but not have it in a photoset, if you get what I mean).

Anyway, since nobody uses LJ that much anymore (I only have omonatheydidnt on my friends' feed), I decided to post about my KPOP fanaticism here, so my friends won't judge me too much. Haha. I've just started updating myself with KPOP again recently (thanks to Black Pink), and so I'm going to post about my catching up with KPOP and some comments on the artists/songs that I like or don't like (that much). Please don't hate me though if you disagree with my opinion, I respect yours so let's keep it friendly.

So, for now, let me leave you with this live performance of Black Pink on Inkigayo (9/4).

I'm not sure if LJ will embed it or just leave it as a link. Anyway, I'll figure it out in future posts.

Sooo...I moved out of Wordpress also. Please head back to Tumblr -


Hi guys, after much thought, I've decided to move out yet again to another platform. So - please visit my new home over here:

I have transferred all my posts from here. But, I'm not deleting this account since some of the photos are stored here, and it would take too much effort to edit each post. XD

This is not goodbye, visit me in my new home on the net! 

Socialicious Tea

So another new milk tea place popped up near A. Venue. And I loved the interiors!

They offer the usual flavors, and they have Rock Salt Cheese as an option for toppings! Too bad they were out of it during my visit.

I got a plain caramel milk tea instead, without toppings. Taste is ok, I mean, how different can it be from others? Haha.

Socialicious Tea is still on dry run but I see myself hanging out here more! I hope it doesn't get too crowded. It's a perfect place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, reading a book or blogging.

Find them on Facebook - or on Twitter - @SocialiciousTea.

Zubuchon: The Best Pig in the World!

When you’re in Cebu - you MUST MUST (and I can’t stress it enough) MUST try Zubuchon’s special lechon. Cebu is well known for having the best lechon in the Philippines, but the first time I tried Zubuchon, I was blown away by the unique taste! Ok, I’m not saying this to get your hopes up - go taste it without any expectations so that you won’t get disappointed.

Zubuchon started out as a small home-made lechon sold at the Banilad Town Center every Sunday. Since it was featured in Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation, and being aptly dubbed as the “best pig in the world”, it slowly rose to fame within the city, and in the entire country (at least everyone at the office knows about it because I bring them some when I visit Cebu). They then opened a stall at the Mactan International Airport - and now, they have restaurants all over the metro (I know of three - one branch in One Mango, another in Escario, and yet another one near Airport Road in Lapu-Lapu City). They now have different recipes that contain Zubuchon one way or another (paksiw, pancit, etc), plus the amazing Kamias Shake (featured in the photo above). The Kamias shake is to die for. I swear. T_T

Every time I come home to Cebu, I make it a point to eat in Zubuchon. My trip home is just now never complete without it! :)

Another one of those nights when the silence is deafening.
And still, I chose to stay at home and suck it all in. Going out will just make me spend money anyway. I would've wanted to go somewhere far though, if only I had someone to go with. Tagaytay level. Heck, even Subic level. I'd just drive and when we get there, we can come back home if there's nothing interesting to do. Road trips are a great way to kill time. Driving is a great way to kill thoughts. You focus on the road. That's it.

But I'm stuck in my mess of a room. I am uninspired. I want to do so many things but there's nothing that pushes me to do them. I want to just surround myself with friendly faces and listen to them talk about their day or about other people - I don't care. As long as they break the silence.

But alas, no friends for tonight.

Just me. And the electric fan trying to entertain me by swinging left and right.
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If there is a will, there is a way

That stops becoming true as we grow older. Or perhaps, the will is no longer as strong as it used to. It becomes so easy to say "never mind" or "it was not meant to be" or "there'll be a next time" or "I don't really want to anyway". Fact is, you do want it - but apparently, not so much as to exert a little extra effort for it.

Random musings at 4 in the morning. Glad tomorrow's a holiday! :)

2NE1 - Do You Love Me (Official Music Video)

Video's officially out! I like this video particularly because 2NE1 looks so carefree! It's not as heavily produced as their other music videos - no fancy costumes or sets. Some people say YG cut the budget on this one. But I don't think that's the point. They wanted to show the girls in their "normal" selves, just having fun - and guess what, their charm is enough to make this video equally, if not better, than their other MVs. I loveee you 2NE1, no need to ask! Haha!

Almost goodbye!

I almost sold my iPad 3. I wanted to get rid of it because I'm not really using it that much. But the moment I talked someone into buying it, I realized that I can't part ways with it yet. I'm not ready. I couldn't push that reset to factory settings button.

So, because I canceled the deal, I promise to use my iPad more. I swear! I purchased some good apps there that I didn't really get to use. I'm gonna start drawing and taking more notes, and just bring it with me wherever I go. I'll start with that.

Sorry Enzo! I feel bad for canceling last minute. I will help you look for another iPad to buy! Hehe.

2NE1 - Do You Love Me (Dance Practice) & Teasers

I can't wait for the official video! This song is so addicting!!! And Dara's dance!!! SO CUTEEE!!! XD

You probably saw this on YT already...but I'm posting the teasers here anyway!Collapse )

Official video will be out tomorrow (August 8). I'll be waiting over at YouTube for its release! XD

Bisdaks in Bukidnon: Day 1
Agnes invited the Bisdak gang over to her hometown at Bukidnon for a weekend getaway last July 25-29. The moment she told us about it, we booked tickets the next day. That's how excited we were. It was a chance to visit a place I've never been to before, and escape, albeit for just a few days, from the nasty city that is Manila. I never thought I'd see nature at its finest here in the Philippines. To a certain extent, it's comparable to New Zealand! Haha. To those of you who are not familiar with Bukidnon - you can read more details over here, while I move on with my recap of Day 1.

Our flight was at 5:45 in the morning via Air Asia (Zest Air). We were all excited, as I mentioned. Most of us didn't get to sleep at all because we had to leave for the airport at around 3:30 AM, and we were all on night shift at work. The flight was a little rough because of the bad weather, but we managed to safely land at Laguindingan Airport in Misamis Oriental. Our friends who were coming from Cebu were unfortunate because their plane had to go back to Cebu due to poor visibility by the time they got near Misamis.

We took a rented van and braved through strong rains for around 2 hours, until we got to Bukidnon.

And I fell in love with Cawayanon, the private golf course owned by Del Monte Philippines, and the paradise our friend Agnes calls home (she's one lucky girl I swear!). I particularly fell in love with the cold weather, the fresh air and the lovely lake in the middle of the golf course!

Does this look like the Philippines to you? It took a while to take all of the scenery in.

After we dropped off our bags at Agnes' house, she took us for a quick drive around the neighborhood.

We also passed by the pineapple plantation, but I'll show you photos of it in another post. As it was raining hard earlier, the road was muddy and it was a challenge to drive through potholes because our car could sink in the mud! Getting past all those and reaching home safe was the first adventure of the weekend!

When we got back, Tito gave us a quick tutorial on golf! It was the first time for all of us (except Agnes of course) to play! I previously thought that golf was the most boring sport ever - and I stand corrected. We were all hooked, and we wanted to keep playing, but time won't let us as it was already getting dark.

When we got back to the "cabin", we were greeted by this -

Aww man! Lechon!!! It was a feast! We also had dinuguan, fresh salad, and local ice cream for desserts. I was so full that all the exercise from playing golf was useless. Haha.

That's alright though because we ended the evening playing bowling! We had the bowling alley all to ourselves! We played until our arms felt like they were falling off.

After three games, and a championship round (with Dean proclaimed as the champion bowler), we went home tired but satisfied. It was a full first day! They say time flies when you're having fun - but this time, time didn't rush. We got to enjoy every minute of our stay in Bukidnon.

Day 1 was a great start to our extreme adventure in the land of pineapples! :)

Must drink lots of water

I have extremely high uric acid level because I am fond of salty food and am not drinking enough water. So, I shall start consuming 2 liters of water a day. I bought this water bottle over the weekend so that I can force myself to drink. This also makes me pee more so I keep standing up to go to the restroom.

I hope I can sustain this!

B1A4 - 이게 무슨 일이야 (What's Happening?)

This song never fails to pump me up for the day! I first saw B1A4 on Immortal Songs 2 (I think it was just Sandeul and Baro) and they were good, so their group name stuck to me! I then saw this video on Channel M a few months later, and I got addicted to the melody. I sing the chorus in gibberish in my head and it becomes an LSS for the entire day.
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Are you in a relationship?
So, I checked out my Google+ profile after forever (because nobody really uses it) and guess what pops up on my screen?

Google+: Are You In A Relationship?

Thank you, Google + for pushing that in.

I'm single, and believe me, it's not really by choice. Things just sometimes don't work out the way you want them to. Last time I liked someone, I thought I'd finally have the guts to go all out. But I don't believe in going all out, when the other person doesn't want it. I don't like to force myself on someone. The same reason why I don't believe in courtship. I want the girl to like me for who I am, not just when I'm at my best.

I don't like people pressuring me. I'm not going to go into a relationship just because people want me to. I'm sure friends and family are just concerned. I sometimes get concerned. I'm 28, still single, not totally OK with that but I am fine.

Don't worry Google +, I'd be more than glad to let the world know when I have finally found my special someone. Who knows, the next time I visit you (if you're still around), I'd already be updating my relationship status. XD


Where do people who feel lonely but want to be alone go to, other than one's own room? I want to go somewhere but I don't know where, and what I'd do when I get there.

Perhaps a bar where one can drink alone without people disturbing you. Or a movie house (but they're all closed at this hour). Perhaps a quiet public beach but I don't know if that's safe.

So I'm stuck in my room.

I need a venue for future emo moments. One that's more encouraging than the blue curtains on my window.


I wanted to go out today, but I got stuck at home. Not that I really mind - it's been a while since Bisdaks got together for a game of mahjong - and I've actually been looking forward to it. I just found myself wanting to go out of the house and go anywhere, just anywhere and not play mahjong. But alas, I couldn't just leave my friends. I have no issue, to be clear, I really just felt like going out.

So I was playing mahjong -

Watching KPOP on TV -

And eating this for the first time -

It's nothing spectacular by the way.

It's 5:30 in the morning now and I'm going to bed still feeling weird about tonight.

Le sigh.


It's the last day of July! Birth month is over too fast! It's true time flies when you're having fun. I have yet to blog about my recent Bukidnon-Cagayan de Oro trip so watch out for that this week (cross fingers)!

Today, I went with FR friends to karaoke. We left the office at almost 12 midnight already and we sang at CenterStage until they closed at 3:30 AM.

We had two bottles of red wine! You know you're growing old when you prefer wine over beer or other stronger alcohol.

After singing our hearts out, we didn't want to go home yet, so we went to Seattle's Best at Valero St. to hang out. We talked about a lot of interesting things, and I got to know about my teammates more. Haha. They're fun!

We left the place at 5AM and headed home.

A great way to end a great month! Good bye July, and welcome August! :)

Taking the leap!

Last weekend was a weekend of many firsts for me. For this post, I'll talk specifically about the drop I made from 120 feet above ground. For someone like me who is scared of heights, it is no easy feat. I had to fight against the nervousness and the worry that the ropes could snap and I could fall straight to the ground to my death. But I had to do it. I skipped bungy jumping in New Zealand because it was expensive. I had no reason to skip it now - it was now or never.

As the ropes pulled me up to the tip of the "tower", 120 feet up - I had to accept that falling was inevitable. And then all fear went away. The worst that could happen is death. It was not heights that I was scared of. It was of falling, and dying. The few seconds that I was hanging on top, I thought, if I die, I die. Then all fear went away. I pulled the release, dropped towards the earth at the speed of light (at least it felt like it), and actually enjoyed it!

I'm glad I took that leap. The Jek before that drop, and the Jek after is somehow different. I am a changed man! Haha. When confronted with a situation that I'd normally run away from, I will no longer run away. I will face it head on, just as I did during the drop. I have learned to take things as they are, especially when I can't change them. What I can change though is my attitude, my perception.

That was the first leap. There will be more leaps to be taken in the future - and I think I'm ready when they come.

P.S. Watch in HD if you can! This was in Dahilayan Adventure Park, in Bukidnon. If you are in the Bukidnon/Cagayan de Oro area - make sure to visit this place!

Official Trailer: 47 Ronin

The trailer of this long awaited movie is here! Shibasaki Kou! And a bunch of other Japanese actors! This looks promising. And spot the Asian Voldemort at the end of the trailer. Haha. I can't wait for December! 


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