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Another one of those nights when the silence is deafening.
And still, I chose to stay at home and suck it all in. Going out will just make me spend money anyway. I would've wanted to go somewhere far though, if only I had someone to go with. Tagaytay level. Heck, even Subic level. I'd just drive and when we get there, we can come back home if there's nothing interesting to do. Road trips are a great way to kill time. Driving is a great way to kill thoughts. You focus on the road. That's it.

But I'm stuck in my mess of a room. I am uninspired. I want to do so many things but there's nothing that pushes me to do them. I want to just surround myself with friendly faces and listen to them talk about their day or about other people - I don't care. As long as they break the silence.

But alas, no friends for tonight.

Just me. And the electric fan trying to entertain me by swinging left and right.
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